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About the project

The Collection Portal is a joint project between Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the Thuringian University and State Library (ThULB), supported by the Thuringian Museum Association.

The project transfers knowledge by making scientific research as well as public and teaching collections owned by Friedrich Schiller University Jena available to a broad public online. By managing and preserving the remains of cultural heritage from Europe and beyond, our collections have become an invaluable resource for various research questions.

Our target group is as diverse as our online offer. By presenting an object of the month, collection-related information, publications, and collections, we address interested lay-people as well as educational institutions and disciplinary experts.

This project is part of funded measure to minimize communication barriers, supported by the Free State of Thuringia. To this end, texts of the Collection Portal were transferred into plain language. This also involved laying the technical foundations for their front-end presentation.

Our project allows us to present a diverse range of objects beyond the historically grown boundaries of historical transmission. They were digitalized in high resolution, scientifically indexed and made available on Friedrich Schiller University’s Collection Portal.

Through this website, the University offers online access to already digitized collection items of the project. By implementing this digitalization project, the University of Jena follows the German Science and Humanities Council’s recommendation to create a comprehensive overview of the collection and present it in a central database.

Project coordinator
Dr Tilde Bayer, Friedrich Schiller University Jena (from 2023 onwards: PD Dr Tobias Mühlenbruch, Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
Dr Andreas Christoph, Thuringian University and State Library
Michael Lörzer, Thuringian University and State Library

Technical infrastructure
Michel Büchner, Thuringian University and State Library

Plain language
capito Berlin Büro für barrierefreie Information
Weydemeyerstraße 2/2a
10178 Berlin

Technical implementation
JUSTORANGE – Agentur für Informationsästhetik
Zwätzengasse 14
07743 Jena

Central collection database
digiCULT-Verbund e.G.