Anatomical Collection

Anatomical Collection—Museum anatomicum Jenense

The Anatomical Collection with its strong background in medical and cultural history belongs to the most valuable collections of the university. It was founded over 200 years ago by the physician-scientist Justus Christian Loder.

The collection comprises important testimonials of medical education and illustrates technological advances in the preparation of anatomical specimens and the production of anatomical models. The collection's historic eminence derives from a special focus of the collection, the intermaxillary bone specimens. They remind the visitor of the comparative morphological studies that Johann Wolfgang Goethe carried out in Jena.

The historic collection is supplemented by an extensive collection of teaching specimens, which are grouped by organ systems and serve to educate and train medical students and staff.

Menschlicher Embryo

photo: Michael Szabo
belonging collection:
Anatomische Sammlung - Museum anatomicum Jenense
inventory number:
E-P 42
Subject category:
Anfang 21. Jahrhundert
Gesamt (im Behältnis): Höhe: 10 cm; Breite: 8 cm; Tiefe: 6 cm
Knochen (menschlich)
Gewebe (menschlich)
Menschlicher Embryo; 41. Tag (Größe 11 mm) im Eileiter; OP-Resektat nach Eileiterschwangerschaft; Feuchtpräparat im Glas
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Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena