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Art Collections (Custodian)

The Custodian looks after the monuments and artworks belonging to the Friedrich Schiller University. The art collection was founded as early as the 16th century and contains paintings, drawings, sculptures, university medals, and other objects of craftsmanship. The University’s insignia and the gowns for academic ceremonies are also kept here.

Key objects in the collection include a series of portraits of Jena University professors covering five centuries, monumental paintings by important artists such as Ferdinand Hodler, Ludwig von Hofmann, and Erich Kuithan, as well as sculptures, such as the ‘Minerva’ by Auguste Rodin. Modern artists such as Frank Stella, Imi Knoebel, and Emil Schumacher are also represented.

Many busts of historical figures adorn public spaces in Jena, for example along the Via triumphalis, where such sculptures line Fürstengraben as a memorial to people who were important to the University and the town. On the university campus on Ernst-Abbe-Platz you cannot miss the four modern sculptures from the Hudson River Valley Series by US artist Frank Stella.

Porträt Johann Ernst Gerhard

Porträt Johann Ernst Gerhard photo: Digitalisierung MVT
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inventory number:
GP 29
Subject category:
Richter, Christian
Gesamt: Höhe: 90,5 cm; Breite: 69,5 cm
Porträt Johann Ernst Gerhard, Theologe (1621-1668).

Brustbild, frontal gegen rechts im Oval mit einer Hand, blondes, schulterlanges Haupthaar, Schnurrbart, schwarzes, bis zur Bauchmitte zugeknöpftes Gewand, darunter ein weißes Hemd hervor schauend, weißer Kragen und schmale Manschetten, seine rechte Hand ist vor den Körper geführt.
Inschrift am äußeren Rand des Ovals: IOHANN ERNEST, GERHARD, SS.TH.D. ET. P.P. H.T. ACAD. PRORECTOR 1655
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Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena: Kustodie