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Alphons Stübel collection of early photographs from the Orient

The Alphons-Stübel-collection of early photos from the Orient comprises about 600, mostly large-sized paper prints. They were originally collected by the geologist Moritz Alphons Stübel (1835-1904) on his travels in the Middle East in the years 1858, 1882, and 1890.

The collection holds a fine selection of views of Egypt, Palestine, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon, and the Hejaz, as well as some from Constantinople, Greece, and Italy. The photos were taken by travelling photographers, or by local studios. Among them are renowned masters, such as Pascal Sébah, Felix Bonfils, Wilhelm Hammerschmidt, and Zangaki, but also less known authors, such as Robert Murray, D. Claus, and Francesco Quarelli.


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