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Deutsches Optisches Museum

Prof. Dr. Timo Mappes

Stiftung Deutsches Optisches Museum
Carl-Zeiss-Platz 12
07743 Jena, Germany

Mobile: +49 160 9114 2337
Fon:     +49 3641 22 15 81

Deutsches Optisches Museum

Deutsches Optisches Museum (D.O.M.)

The foundation Deutsches Optisches Museum (D.O.M.) is highly committed to develop the museum holistically. This is based upon the unique collection of all different kind of objects related to optics & photonics. Among this collection there are for example about 1.000 microscopes from five centuries, and several thousand spectacles and ophthalmic instruments from the Middle Ages until today. In addition there are numerous antique telescopes and scientific optical instruments within the collection that is estimated to count about 20.000 objects. As of now the museum is transferred into an object-based research institution with an interactive exhibition within the museum. Here, both shall be addressed – the scientific heritage, and the latest findings in optics & photonics.